Bike? We like!

Beautiful weather? Perfect for doing something good for yourself and the environment. That's why Mangelberger and edison street are now paying their employees a monthly bonus if they come to work by bike. The bike is parked in the new, lockable bicycle parking area; if it is an e-bike, it can also be charged directly there.


Sunshine is bike weather


The obligation to ride a bike generally applies in dry weather and reasonable temperatures. If the weather is too bad or the temperature is out of the comfort range, it is allowed to use the own car. Likewise, the use of the employee's own car may be acceptable if the employee wants to make a purchase before or after work that cannot be transported by bike.


Less CO2 and better health


However, anyone who is constantly cold even when the weather is nice, or who conspicuously often prefers the "home office" to driving to the workplace, must reckon with a reduction in their bonus. After all, it's not just about saving CO2. It's also about promoting one's own health.


The bonus is generally paid even during the winter months, when the use of the bicycle will naturally decrease a little. The bonus automatically covers the personal costs for the wear and tear as well as the maintenance of the bike.


Meeting LEED guidelines


With the "Bike2Work" concept, Mangelberger and edison street are following the high demands of the LEED guidelines (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)—in particular the areas of "Reduce Parking Footprint & Facilities" and "Bicycle Facility" in order to further reduce the general volume of motor vehicle traffic.


The new offering is an important part of the company's philosophy of facing up to its own ecological obligations and making active contributions to shaping a better future. For us. For our region. And for this fancy planet on which we are allowed to be guests.