Pretty tasteful

What do you think prompted our management to renovate the cafeteria? Was it the echoing of music and voices on the many plain surfaces? Was it the colorful walls and businesslike furniture? Or, in the end, was it the fact that the ceiling air conditioning just never really got going?


No matter! In any case, sledgehammers and crowbars have taken command of the canteen for a short time; and from now on, people will be sitting and eating together in a much cozier ambience.


Herb bed and fresh food counter


The previously flat ceilings are now insulated and absorb sound. Recycled steel beams and spot lighting support an atmospheric chiaroscuro. The air-conditioning cassettes and their roughing are visible, as are the concrete trusses or masonry.


A redesign that embodies the style and dynamism of the company. Somehow different, but always authentic and genuine. With deer antlers and pool table. With plenty of structure. Just beautifully crunchy instead of extraordinary clean.


We wish you bon appétit!