dm and Mangelberger cultivate a special relationship.


Body care is a beautiful thing. A cultivated partnership also has its charm: This is why the dm-drogerie markt GmbH, since April 2021, counts on the Mangelberger switchboard-expertise at home and abroad. Thanks to the faith of Europe’s biggest drugstore enterprise we have a high degree of standardization of our switchboards. The simple way to operate. And naturally the extreme flexible „just-in-time“-production times.


Environmentally neutral production


dm and Mangelberger are united by much more, then just the fun of smart constructed switchboards. Because if it comes to ecology, we really fit well:


The dm-drogerie markt GmbH is developing an integrated and scientifically based approach with the TU Berlin, to manufacture products not only climate-neutral but environmentally neutral. In other words: environmental impacts during the production and disposals are fully analyzed and subsequently reduced. The remaining and not avoidable environmental impacts are compensated by renaturalization projects.


Sustainability by conviction


With a partner like this Mangelberger feels double comfortable. Because we also feel obliged to sustainability: We have all our switchboards certified by the GREEN PANEL environmental label, produce on the clients demand with solar energy and save year in year out multiple tons of plastics and steel sheet.


The good thing about it: We do not do this for public relation purposes. Our environmental protection is no marketing. Because just like the dm-drugstore we are absolute man of conviction. We think in a unique way. And we produce in a unique way. Driven by the love to our exceptional planet, of which we only have one.


Want to know more?

Here you find the download of our GREEN PANEL brochure.