The EU Taxonomy defines an EU-wide technical system for classifying green (sustainable) economic activities and creates a uniform understanding of the sustainability of economic activities. This is intended to avoid "green-washing", for example.

The "green financial ratios" required for this purpose include detailed information on the environmentally sustainable share of sales revenue, capital expenditure (CapEx) and operating expenditure (OpEx). The word "revenue" here is defined by the proportion of sales of products or services related to environmentally sustainable economic activities.

At Mangelberger, we have prepared ourselves. With LEED compliant measures, our own FFH Guidelines, trend-setting fleet and supply strategies, and the introduction of Sustainable Manufacturing.  Why? Because it is our responsibility to prepare both ourselves as a company and our customers for such regulations. And we do this in the right time. 

With the introduction of our GREEN PANEL strategy, we are once again blazing a trail for our customers.  Therefore, since February 2021, our GREEN PANEL switchgear has been meeting the environmental targets set by the EU Taxonomy Regulation, such as

- climate protection as well as significant adaptations to climate change
- sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources
- the introduction of a circular economy also in switchgear construction
- the reduction and prevention of environmental pollution
- a circular design for remanufacturing
- measures for the protection and restoration of ecosystems

GREEN PANEL thus designates an ecologically sustainable product in the sense of the EU taxonomy.
We at Mangelberger consider this as a contemporary added value for our customers