Fressnapf Austria

On your paws, get set, go! Mangelberger and Fressnapf are keen on teamwork.


In pandemic times it is more important than ever to show solidarity. Among us people, but naturally also among all beings on this posh planet. This is why we really enjoy making a common cause with Fressnapf. It’s all there, what pets like Max, Rocky and Elvis dream of.


Whether it is the gourmet bite for the Persian cat or something easy on the stomach for „Amy“ our Bernese mountain dog; whether Fritz our canary wants a new swing or poodle-youngster „Rocky“ has put his eyes on a brand-new leash with rain cape: Animals love Fressnapf – and Fressnapf loves animals.


For smart foxes and “wannabe tigers”


In excess of more than 1.650 stores in eleven countries, Fressnapf is the biggest pet food and supply chain in Europe. As normal bipeds we are happy to be part of it. And accompany Fressnapf with our standardized switchboard-systems in its further expansion at home and abroad.


Why does Fressnapf count on our expertise? Because our switchboards are doing a beastly job. Sharp design and bull power construction. This way they can really be operated by each and every employee – whether it is a smart fox or a “wannabe tiger“.


Robots make it happen


For Fressnapf we have shown once more that we can even keep up with Speedy Gonzales aka „The fastest mouse in all of Mexico“. According to the customers wish, the first two distribution plants, for the subsidiaries in Salzburg and Krems, were provided in record breaking speed: Ordered on Tuesday, produced on the same day, on-site on Thursday. Naturally individually adjusted to the needs of the respective subsidiary.


How does this work? Our Robotic is the key. It keeps our promises, ensures the desired delivery date without coffee hiccups or twitching the transmission, doesn’t know Covid-19 and drinks no Corona.


GREEN PANEL certified


This brings together what goes together: products that are precisely suited to the demands of each animal – due to chain requirement perfected technic. Fair pricing. Magnificent quality. And in addition to that sustainable.


Our distribution plants are certified by the GREEN PANEL environmental label. Manufactured with the highest possible amount of renewable energy, the minimum material usage of plastics and sheet steel – and, depending on the type and amount of used components, our systems even contribute to reforestation.


As a switchgear manufacturer we stand for a vision and a true „all-round service“.
For humans and animals. For today. And especially for tomorrow.