GREEN PANEL Environment-Signet

This planet is wonderful! And there is no doubt about it, we all should contribute to keep it nice and green, the way we know it and love it. This is why Mangelberger certifies its workflows as well as its switchboard-systems in the course of regular audits by the TÜV Austria. This is how we give our clients letter and seal that we are serious about the quality and protection of our environment.


Sustainable Smart Manufacturing


Switchboard-systems are multilayered products. The more possibilities it offers to optimize the details: from the base plate to the underground engineering brackets and the Resopal labeling to montage process and the integration of renewable energy to the production.


We did not start yesterday to drive all this forward. But rather since a decade the GREEN PANEL stands for „Sustainable Smart Manufacturing“ – for a completely sustainable production. For systems with hand-picked material composition and optimized material portions. For systems with a constantly decreasing proportion of non-recyclable synthetics.


In the course of our GREEN PANEL offensive we have already reached many milestones since 2012. These improvements and innovations are part of it:


  • Prevention of packaging material by producing some parts at our partners in the nearby neighborhood
  • Efficiency increased supply-chain-calculations to minimize peaks
  • Saving approx. 1.6 tons of steel in the component production by demand-driven specifications and ongoing optimizations.
  • Saving of approx. 24 % cable routes in the typical switchboard by patented wire-ridge-wiring systems
  • Use of plastic free, material optimized components
  • Automated assembly lines with efficient brake energy recovery and demand scaling power entry within the robotics
  • AI-based production coordination to solar time, to include the highest possible ratio of in-house solar energy
  • Application of environmentally friendly CO2-laser to avoid 95 % of all adhesive labels
  • 100 % recyclable labeling of the contact protective cover avoids the need of multi-layer-Resopal
  • Fully automated Komax-wiring for individually custom-fit assembly


Cooperation with international universities


For many years we are maintaining research cooperation with national and international universities about the usage of new fibrous composite materials as well as recyclable plastics and thermostable, delaminated papers. Finally we will only have implemented further innovations in the future, if we start it today.


Want to know more?

Here you find the download of our GREEN PANEL brochure.