Engineering the future

Smart Factory, Man-Machine-Interfaces, KI or IoT – the working environment of the future is described by fascinating terms. But too much tech-talk is not our thing. We love to keep it simple: automation makes sense. That’s why we will integrate four additional robots in our plant engineering. Piece of cake.


The improvements concern the sector of support frame montage, which will not exist in the current form after 2022. The basis of this decision is that at Mangelberger we generate matured structures and standards for decades. Structures that will be more and more automated. And by doing this we are optimizing our switchgear production step by step.


No more patchwork


The effect on the support frame montage: No more of this annoying touchdown and screwing together of vertical or horizontal support profiles. No more moronic snapping of covering-spacers, deep construction angles, busbar holders, rider safety elements or other spacers and connectors. No more hand assembly of individual, already automated fitted and labeled DIN rails. No more varying assembling devices to build cabinet dividers or rack systems.


These are the key facts that will be implemented within this automation step:


  • Providing and automated montage of all profile rails for cabinet dividers or rack systems as well as our especially developed, hybrid-tool carries for housing sub-distribution.
  • Providing and automated montage of accessories such as spacers, gap supports or conductor rail supports.
  • Providing and screw fitting of special with RIBE (Schwabach) developed RFID-bolting systems for digital surveillance and documentation of mechanical couplings.
  • Digital identification of each individually constructed support frame for the specifically automated supply of wiring kits to variable assembly stations in the production as well as a deliberately zero point validation for the next step „Auto-Wiring“.
  • A coordinated reaching-in of build-in components depending on positioning plus adapted to the size of the individual worker the providing of mounting frames by robotics for the economically and ergonomically montage of system-specific special components.
  • On-place-visualization of the components that have to be installed by hand directly at the installation site of the concerning component by true to shape laser-flair-component-assignment.
  • „Voice-controlled & voice-assisted“ instructions of the necessary steps for test and auto documentation.
  • Distribution of the fully loaded and labeled mounting frame on a „mobile-drive“ unit. 

Our colleague – the Robot


Why are we taking this automation step? Why are we investing a large amount of money in this? Because we consequently carry on with what we started. Simultaneously we collect new information and specific data models of the automation for future workflows. And we are really happy if the new robots assist our super motivated employees.


In switch gear construction for over five years now we look at the robots as our buddies that prepare everything before we arrive – and than rock the workplace with us „hands-on“. Certain operations in the work field of frame construction will naturally be omitted due to the automation. But this does not mean that jobs will be cut. In contrast! For our employees new tasks result from the collaborating robotic. It has always been and will always be like this.


Talk of the future? Surely not! We think it is rather contemporary.