Cinematic Teamwork

Mangelberger represents innovation, a work environment of a different kind and a work-life balance that is second to none. Future orientated technologies and best career opportunities meet a unique team of colleagues that prefer to work together rather than next to one another.

All this in a company that has been saving resource, at times when others were still believing in „recycling“ as a new form of biking. Why do we care about the environment and not only about ourselves? It comes with good manners to be nice to your neighbors. And we are not only talking about the Millers from next door ... but also about Bobby the beetle, Mike the mole and Ronny the rabbit.

We are Mangelberger. We are as we are. And we are happy to meet everybody who knows one’s own mind. That does what he says. And says what he thinks. Interested in a future with future? Check out the film:


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