To the partnership!

The golden „M“ of McDonald’s stands for a success story second to none. Showing up globally, with consistent high quality when it comes to burger and hospitality – in incredible 37,800 (!) restaurants around the world. Since 1985 Mangelberger is allowed to accompany McDonald’s. And looks back to a very special partnership.

It was back on the 20th of March 1992, on Prague’s famous boulevard, the Vodičkova between Wenzelsplatz and Karlsplatz, when the first McDonald’s restaurant in the Czech Republic opened its doors. Mangelberger was part of it. Working in a close cooperation with Vojin Pavlović, the Equipment- and Construction-Manager at McDonald’s East. Together with Vojin and his team we drew kitchen plans, adapted power circuits, applied for connection leads – and relating thereto, our McDonald’s standard-switchboards were also integrated in the Czech Republic.


New countries, old trust

A lot of work. New challenges. And the start of another friendship that stretches back 28 years. One has gotten to know each other. In simple and difficult situations. One has respected each other and was always able to rely on each other to 100%. So we moved on from the Czech Republic to Bulgaria, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It always started with the first franchise in a new country. And these are countries that Mangelberger is still operating at, three decades later.

We love looking back. We look forward in anticipation. And we are happy to meet with our partner and friend Vojin Pavlović in Belgrade or Roth to have a glass or two, celebrating the success that is based on a trustworthy cooperation. Based on the fact that some things you only manage with a partner. On true friendship – lasting for decades.


We will keep you in the loop!