Noodle salad meets cable spaghetti

Synergies are often the basis for an efficient and scalable cooperation, even if they seem to be astonishing at first glance. Naturally one could ask what the cooking of spaghetti, chopping of onions and stirring of gravy have in common with the wiring of switchboards. But it’s easy: all is done by hand – or better hands and arms.

Once again it has been one of these strange coincidences. Originally we were only supposed to produce the switchboards for Moley and in connection to that the direct control of the Moley developed robotic. But when we saw what we were supposed to operate, it was obvious that a couple of extra trips to London would be necessary to have some additional talks.


Worldwide cloud-cooking-brain

The image video of the London based tech company Moley Robotics ( shows it: The British really have developed the first fully automated kitchen. Two robot-arms that learn and apply the learned things automatically, and the learning is done by everybody that uses automated cooking worldwide. The result is a centralized cloud-cooking-brain with its individual flavor.

If you can’t cook, just use the online accessible recipes of Moley. Naturally it is not completely for free. But it’s fast, versatile and yummy. Is it necessary to mention that the kitchen robot can order the necessary ingredients itself?


Noodle salad meets cable spaghetti

We don’t expect the robot to juggle with spaghetti, but to montage pre-assembled wires. Our recipes do come from the CAD rather than a cooking-cloud. Plus we don’t work on a kitchen worktop. It’s a mounting plate. But globally seen everything is somehow the same. Only that Pesto and Parmesan have no place in our switch boards.

Mangelberger is not only completing the British recipe of success with its standardized switchboards and electronic controls “made in Bavaria”, but in addition to that created a new area of business for innovative hands and arms that provide more comfort to the consumer: us at Mangelberger during work – the MOLEY guys during lunch break and after work.


From today till tomorrow

Who knows what the future will bring. Nobody can say whether our employees will learn how to cook, while the robot is wiring the switchboards. But this is something we don’t have to know today. We are just looking at the track that we entered with our “Robot to wire” and “Smart wire hub” projects. We proceed to walk this path: with a cool English partner and the little different kitchen aid. That’s somehow crazy. But pretty cool.


We will keep you in the loop!