Pushing the limits

Mangelberger and bikes – how does this fit? It is simple: We have got cool employees. Sporty ladies. And crazy mountain bikers like our Uwe Stettinger who sits firmly in the saddle not only in our company.

Uwe is working on low voltage, with filigree components and control systems like EIB or KNX. Using software like LonMark. What exactly that is has no importance at the moment. What matters is: Uwe is one of these people that switch on their brain, a guy who is actively involved at Mangelberger and gives everything for our clients. Such characters need to let off some steam. And they do not really use a mobile phone or Play Station for that. Wind and weather – the purity of nature is what they are looking for on a bike.


Commitment for 400 bikers

Midth of October, at the „Enduro in Treuchtlingen“ once again the elite of Franconian (and international) mountain bikers met to pedal hard. A round course of easily 20 km and with 700 vertical meters gave the more than 400 bikers the opportunity the show what they are capable of. And what their legs are made of.  Competitors from 19 nations lined up. A special feature this year, for the first time there was a kid’s race for children from 11 years of age.

Mangelberger Elektrotechnik supports this event and the hosting bike club Germania Weißenburg 1894 e. V. for quite a while now as a sponsor. Doing this we show that we are thrilled by performance and that we support the togetherness of man and nature. Our employees deserve this commitment. And we are proud of having such employees as colleagues in our company.


We will keep you in the loop!