TEDi counts on Mangelberger for its ongoing expansion.


With our standardized switchboard-systems we have made many chain-stores happy. All the more we enjoyed the confidence of the German nonfood-dealer TEDi. Eventually the Dortmund based company with its approx. 2.400 subsidiaries in eight European countries is a real big player on the chain-store market.


Medium-term 5.000 branches


The TEDi product range includes customer- and consumer goods of the daily requirements – from household to party and home improvement, from electrical items to stationary and toys. This diversity is the base for a widespread branch network: After its founding in 2002, in May 2010 already the thousandth subsidiary opened. Medium-term there are supposed to be 5.000.


Whoever expands in such a stringent way, is happy to have a partner that produces switchboard-systems on call and delivers „just in time“. In addition to that the systems are standardized to be used all over Europe and naturally perfectly individualized to the needs of TEDi.


We react in a flash


Mangelberger has never delivered a distribution plant too late. And we definitely are not planning to do so in the future. Apart from that, we intend to do much more: Eventually we automate our production for many years. And this is exactly why today we are capable to have a switchboard ready for dispatch within a day, if necessary.


How is this possible? As simple as that: configuring your switchboard-system online day or night, dispatching order confirmation and invoice online, the whole is automatically handed over to the robotic and is produced, our specialized employee is informed for final the testing ... and off we go to the shipping pallet.


We are happy to be part of the further expansion of TEDi. And we do not mind if the going gets tough. Because tight deadlines are exactly our thing. – Let’s go TEDi!