ALDI Nederland

Mangelberger says „Goedendag“ at ALDI in Holland.

ALDI North and Mangelberger are a team since 2017. After presenting our standardized switchboard system with client specified subsidiary controls to the high-quality-discounter, the executives were convinced by the additional benefits of this solution: Within a short period of time our economical combination of standardized electrical distribution, subsidiary controls, energy management, smart-metering and HACCP-surveillance became a standard at all ALDI North subsidiaries in Germany.

Meanwhile we can look back on a fair and always positive cooperation. This is why we are happy to say „Goedendag“ in the Netherlands. It is well known that Mangelberger is producing electronic switchboard systems and that these can be applied transnationally. In cooperation with the people in charge at ALDI in Holland, Mangelberger has converted the established ALDI-concept to Holland.

Cheers to the Netherlands

As usual Mangelberger got the European certifications for all the technic in advance. But we still learned – while implementing the first subsidiary in Enschede, in the first weeks after opening, due to the cool guys of the Dutch local branches and subsidiaries.

An internationalized standard solution with the same energy management, handling and consumption registration is in use. This is how we create cross-country standards and enable cross-country Benchmarks.

Wij spreken Nederlands

For many years now, Mangelberger is engaged with its clients in the Netherlands such as McDonald´s, KFC, L’Osteria, KiK, Vapiano, Abercrombie & Fitch or Starbucks. We speak our clients language, we have Dutch project managers und we do know what moves our neighbors. And the Dutch are pretty cool! That suits us Bavarians.

With ALDI we had an open exchange and complemented each other. We had fun with the easygoing guys of the operating installation company and that’s why we rather went there more often than necessary. And now? We are looking forward to the next opening in Holland.