ALDI South & Eastern Europe

Mangelberger and ALDI Italy now speak the same language.

We’ve smashed it in Austria, Australia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary and Switzerland, and now Mangelberger is working their magic with long-time customer ALDI South in Italy. Standardised electrical switchboard units with inbuilt energy management systems, HACCP-control and ventilation-air conditioning are being delivered on time, while exceeding expectations.

For us, it’s totally doable: to transfer a proven international, already standardised concept to Italy. But the Italians had a surprise up their sleeve.

We anticipated that they’d need more air-conditioning and less heating. From a technical standpoint that wasn’t a problem. What we didn’t consider is the fact that an Italian is not the same ‘Italian’ everywhere.

Customers want to be understood

From Milan to Rome, Naples to Palermo there are so many dialects spoken that we had to promptly hire three new Italian team members for Organisation, Project Management and After Sales Service. This just goes to show how much importance we place on understanding our customers.

We wouldn’t have thought, as dialect-accustomed Franconians, that language would trip us up. But we learned from this. And it just goes to show, there’s always room for improvement. 

​​​​​​​The simplest thing about the project in the end was the supra-national standardisation of the electrical switchboard unit together with its certification according to Italian regulations. And we nailed it. That’s why within no time, 43 branches were equipped with our technology, and regional service teams helped out with implementation on site. And our involvement in Italy just goes from strength to strength.