Mangelberger keeps Frittenwerk on operating temperature.

Star chef Tim Raue: „Sensational! The best fries I had in my whole life.“ And really the Frittenwerk (translated: fries factory) is everything but a greasy takeaway dripping with oil. A dignified ambience, naturally vegetated walls, a pleasant illumination, first class french fries, this is the Frittenwerk. The only thing reminding you of Fast Food over here is the speed in which the fresh fries arrive.

And behind the fryer-wire? Mangelberger has prepared a standardized electrical distribution with integrated subsidiary control: Dependable supply of all kitchens and cooling units as well as illumination and cashpoints. Aspects such as ANSUL-deactivation, dynamic peak load optimization, equipment and operation time registration and light control – that it is fully automatic goes without saying.

The results are energy costs that are second to none, clearly laid out power consumption plus a specific operation-time-registration of all kitchen equipment to support the operations.

Subsidiary control at its best

Franchise partner and operations manager have everything at first view – via app. Whether it is about the air condition operating time, the runtime of the fryer, the effective HACCP-temperature of the cooling devices or the alarm for a blocked filter.

The operations manager has a bag full of things to do? No problem! He simply forwards his messages to our call center. That is where his buddies from „edison street“ are waiting, a Mangelberger affiliate: our experts have your back when the going gets tough around the fryer.

Another benefit: Thanks to marginal power requirements new subsidiaries can easily implemented and opened. Frittenwerk can take off. And we are proud to work nationwide for such an energetic client.