Hans im Glück

Mangelberger and Hans im Glück launch the finest technology.

Hans im Glück (means “Hans in Luck”) is known for excellent burgers, fresh ingredients and cool locations in an exceptional ambience. Next to beef classics, burgers with chicken breast as well as vegetarian and vegan alternatives, delicious salads and crunchy French fries are being served.

Inside, you will recognize these restaurants by the premises orchestrated birch logs. But this does not mean that anybody will be left alone in the wilderness. Beside the menu, Hans im Glück is richly innovative if it comes to technology.

Mangelberger has developed a standardized electrical switchboard for Hans im Glück. Energy management, HACCP-surveillance and light control at the branches in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Singapore have nothing to do with luck: Reliability was the headline of this investment program.

Functional technology, usable worldwide

Together with Hans im Glück we analyzed the requirements and developed an individual concept. The result is a franchise-wide technology, with its functions being transferable worldwide. The switchboards are reduced to the necessary minimum, foolproof to operate and easy to maintain.

Simultaneously the safe and secure operation of the restaurant is guaranteed at all times. Mistakes and energy guzzlers are uncovered. In short – this restaurant is rocking! Everybody can concentrate on the essentials: The Burger is grilling. The fridge is cooling. And the waiters serve the perfectly sizzled burgers at cozy illuminated tables.

At Mangelberger we are happy about this innovative and appreciative cooperation with Hans im Glück. Once more we were able to proof that we excite our clients with functional technology. And we do so worldwide. Whether it is in Torino, Toronto or Timbuktu.

We are ready! Anytime ... and anywhere.