McDonald's International

Mangelberger has developed a recipe of success with McDonald’s.

Looking back on 1985, what do you remember? A 17 years old newcomer named Boris Becker won the All England Championship in Wimbledon. The Live-Aid concert with bands like Queen or David Bowie rocked the world. And Mangelberger gathered up with McDonald’s to break new ground for innovative switchboard systems. A long way down the road but still red-hot.


 McDonald’s was the first company that excited us with the idea of standardization. It all started with the electrical installations for the restaurant at Schiffenberger Weg, in Hessian Gießen. The result were orders for the restaurants in Munich, Landsberg and Lindau at Lake Constance.
The recipe of success: to simplify the electronic switchboard system and controls,
so they could be duplicated and applied at all McDonald’s subsidiaries.

Around the corner – around the world

McDonald’s enjoyed what we were doing. And they ordered additional „Mangelburgers“. To begin with we established our switchboards in Europe. Amongst others in Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Portugal, Holland, Italy and Finland. 1994 it was Israel and onward to the Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain and Egypt. In 2006 we disembarked in Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela, the Bahamas and Brazil,
since 2008 we are also represented in Australia.

Meanwhile we are working for more than three decades for the golden M. On all continents. The foundation is reliance and loyalty, fairness and quality. We are proud of it, and we say thank you McDonald’s – for this unique partnership.