Ping Pong UK

Mangelberger and Ping Pong light up the Asia gastronomy.

Whether it is in Soho, Covent Garden, Southbank, St. Katharine’s Dock or Bow Bells: In each of theses hip districts Ping Pong is serving handmade Dim Sum and nifty snacks, delicately composed and naturally steamed with love.

To guarantee the kitchen is always on full steam, Mangelberger has developed a smart and standardized energy management system for Ping Pong. To be honest – not a big deal for us. The sting about it is the lighting and its control.

The Ping Pong style is factual and clean. In such a surrounding the lighting of tables, seating areas and wall surfaces is essential: After all the dishes should be staged as appetizing and yummy as they are. And to do this you need? Exactly! An extra portion of ambiance ...

The Challenge – the fog

Not later than Jack the Ripper it is commonly known that the River Thames is covered in fog from time to time. In order for the potential customer to see the restaurant from far away, luminous intensity is necessary. Nevertheless it should not be too bright in the premises, because that would spoil the atmospheric soup right away.

The solution? An economical optimized and automatically operated light zone orientated light control at its best was integrated. By doing this, the light is individually controlled depending on daylight and outside light. High-precision but at the same time always decent: simply very British.

Dim Sum in a dimmed ambiance

In several restaurants in and outside of Great Britain Ping Pong already trusts the standardized switchboards with energy management and light control of Mangelberger. Operations are running smoothly. And the steaming Dim Sum are always served at a perfectly light dimmed table. Our recommendation to you : taste it and feel it !