The ASH - American Steak House

Mangelberger and The ASH add red hot technology to the game.

Innovative concepts demand an innovative technology. This is why The ASH has chosen Mangelberger. The special indulgence of a steak and cocktail happiness are only complete in the perfect ambience: And this is exactly what the system gastronome stands for who is already getting its clients acquainted to the American food-style in seven German cities.

Welcome to the Supper Club

The idea? It is pure tradition. It was in America back in the 1920’s when good food and a vibrant atmosphere found its match. The Supper Club was born. Since then people developed a taste of it when it comes to combining the pleasant with the beautiful.

The ASH serves this lifestyle to us and presents a menu that offers next to outstanding starters and the finest of American and Argentine cuts a variety of fish dishes and fresh salads. And what’s next? A stylish drink! To do this – the customers do not have to change the location but rather sit down at the bar with its appealing ambience.

Perfect Steaks – perfect orchestration

The ASH trusts the Mangelberger standardized switchboards with light-control and energy management. This provides not only cooking appliances, cooling and cash systems with a safe power supply – also the lightning system is controlled, depending on the day, the scenery or the event. At the same time these plants reduce the operating costs due to their integrated load management. And automatically raise the restaurants EBIT.

What belongs together fits together: finest steaks and finest technology. All this creates an appetite for more. This is why we are looking forward to support and assist The ASH in expanding, whether it is in Germany or abroad.