KFC Mt Gambier

KFC launches a high-tech drive-thru only restaurant with four lanes and ‘speedy’ service in Australia.

Fast food chain KFC has rolled out its first high-tech, four-lane, drive-thru-only restaurant in South Australia. The new Mt Gambier outlet promises a speedy and convenient service, with two pick-up lanes for customers who want to skip the queue, alongside two lanes with traditional drive-thru order options. Hungry diners can expect to be served in record time when they choose the pre-paid option via the KFC-App or website before collecting their orders at the window. The process is very simple – after completing an order and arriving, customers will enter a unique four-digit code on a touchscreen receiver, transmitting their order to the kitchen where it will be freshly prepared, ready for pick-up at the window. For those without a vehicle, the restaurant features a walk-up kiosk, open from 10am to 5.30pm daily, ensuring everyone can use the new facilities.

Power distribution, Energy-Management, Light Control and HACCP-Control is realized throughout a Standard-Electric-Switchboard, manufactured by Mangelberger Elektrotechnik GmbH, Germany exclusively for KFC Restaurants around the globe. Those electric panelboads are extremely user- and maintenance friendly. Average energy savings in peak and consumption up to 18% depending on restaurant size, kitchen equipment and HVAC systems.

All the best to KFC Mt.Gambier and thanks for choosing Mangelberger as partner in Australia. For more information please give us a call. Our local engineers will be proud to visit you for more details.